Tokyo Day 10 - Imperial Gardens, Jinbocho Book District, Farewell Artists

This one's a day late - sorry, just to busy and too tired. We traveled to the Imperial Gardens instead of going to the graveyard. Turns out it might rain on the day we had planed the trip to the gardens (plus it might not be socially acceptable to wonder around the graveyard...)

Group shot before the gardens. These are all Sequential kids. Missing Bryan Louie and Logan (who we ditched by accident).

We thought we'd get photo proof of Tran loosing the circle game, but she's a quick one.

Jason drawing.

Mark (who never seems to draw).

Later on we took a trip to the antique book district. I forget the name of it (Jimbocho) and I'm too tired to look it up (I did look it up).

Farewell dinner with the artists. Three Sequential students and two Animation students were chosen to have dinner with the artists based on their work earlier in the day. Here's Amy, Kazu, Jason, and Ray.

Steve, Phil, Cleo, Jason, Andrew, and Dove.

On Kazu and Amy's table you can't forget the coolest in the crowd: Kevin and Duncan.

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