Tokyo Day 09 - Last Workshop, Chinese Acrobats

Today was the last workshop from Kazu, Phil, Amy and Cleo. It was great to have them for a week - the students got a lot out of it and great fun was had by all!

Here's DJ, Little Jason (Caffoe), and Heath lingering after the workshop.

Students talk to the artists.

Andrew, a blurry Brandon, and part of Abe.

We all dressed up nice to go see the Chinese Acrobats perform at the Sun Plaza in Nakano.

On the way home I saw a businessman reading manga. I've been on the look out.

Here's a few of us on the train. Dove, Naaman, me, and Mardig.

We changes trains and once again I saw a businessman reading manga.

Tomorrow: Some graveyard!

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ZombiePencil said...


HAAHHAAA!! Look what the CEO of 4kids entertainment said about manga! XD