Tokyo Day 08 - Kodansha

Today after the morning workshops we traveled to publisher Kodansha.

Vagabond and Weekly Morning Two manga magazine editor Eijiro Shimada was kind enough to talk to us for a long time. He and his translator were very accommodating and seemed happy to speak with us about the publishing process. He showed us pre-press artwork, discussed studio procedure of the artists, and was an all around nice fellow for putting up with us.

We weren't supposed to take pictures in the office building, so that's why these are all from the hip. It was really just an office, but I wanted to show you the kids walking around and looking at stuff.

If you're wondering about our room, it looks like this. It's small.

The toilet is a strange and wondrous thing. In addition to the standard fare, at a touch of a button it also squirts various waters at your back parts.

We finally had crepes in Akihabara. They were good indeed.

Tomorrow: extra long workshop and Chinese Acrobats!


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Isaac Klunk said...

holy cow, the toilets are just like on the simpsons! what strange and wondrous land

duncan said...

'tis indeed.

Jon Jones said...

Seeing thems photos of the Japans makes me angrily, violently jealous. . .especially of them terlets.....wish I could have moisture sprayed up into my nethers for free.