Tokyo Day 07 - Ueno Park, National Science Museum, etc.

The students worked hard today in the workshop. Phil and Kazu had them doing warm-up exercises and short storyboards.

After class we went back to Ueno Park to go to the National Science Museum.

We were going mainly for the Robots exhibit (which includes actual robots as well as pop-culture robots):

This Astro Boy was so cool:

I got a couple of pictures of this Osamu Tezuka page before they told me I wasn't allowed to take pictures of it:

There's a little Doraemon in there:

Look, even old ancient robots:

There were a few things like this where the video camera would recognize faces and superimpose helmets or eyeball on your head on live video.

We saw a presentation of this real robot called Asimo. It was beyond real. It was strange hearing Garrison Keillor's voice at the museum talking about the robot. It made me homesick.

The kids loved it:

Outside the robot show was the rest of the science museum. Five or six floors of science exhibits. Like the manatee!

Kevin had a lovely time learning about whatever scientific principal this exhibit demonstrates (Namaan knew what it was, but I teach comics, so I can't remember):

I'm not sure why Alice is on this exhibit:

From the roof:

Later on we took the artists out for dinner. Here's Kazu, Amy, Phil, and Cleo.

More fun stuff tomorrow.

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