Tokyo Day 12 - All Over the Place

Today we broke into much smaller groups and traveled around. I went with (what began as) Elaine, Kevin, Allie, Kyle, Annie to a long list of places that I didn't keep track of.

Another guy reading manga on the train.

Or standing in line in Akihabara.

I don't remember where this was (Elaine was team leader at the time - let's be honest, she's always team leader because I get us lost).

This was in Naka-Meguro.

We also had a lovely tempura lunch and a nikuman (mine was curry) and onigiri (contents unknown) for dinner. Later on I offered to buy Kevin a Mega-Tamago from McDonald's, but he filed for a rain check.


ZombiePencil said...

GAH! i gotta stop reading this blog.....i just keep getting jealous

daria said...

you ARE in Japan. How's the trip? Wait, I shouldn't ask. Definitely you're having fun. Don't forget to buy lots of manga. I'll help you with the translation,..hehe.

Reading your blog makes me so envy you now. Sigh,....

Talk to you later. Have a safe trip.